In Kaleidoscope Preschool, children will have opportunities to explore and discover the curriculum below through hands-on activities designed and facilitated by our exceptional teachers.  Preschool learners will delight in learning experiences that expand their world to include peer interactions, growth and development nurtured in an enriching art-filled environment, and in sharing their new world with friends and family.

Our cutting-edge arts-centered program allows us unique opportunities to host guest teachers for arts, theater, and dance. We have our own stage (auditorium) and outdoor play/art space. Our creativity-inspiring facility encourages students to explore in a vibrant, nurturing, and safe environment. Kaleidoscope preschool offers an engaging and challenging curriculum that values the whole child and prepares him/her for an education future full of curiosity and growth.

Character Education

  • Self-care
  • Care for others
  • Care for our planet
  • Gratitude
  • Honesty
  • Patience
  • Respect

Social Development

  • Getting Along with Others
  • Community
  • World
  • Commerce (sales of garden products)
  • Transportation
  • City Services (field trips)


  • Cooking
  • Textiles
  • Growing products
  • Color & Design Activities

Small Motor & Gross Motor Development

  • Dance
  • Music & Movement
  • Theatrical drama
  • Drawing, cutting, manipulating materials


  • Integrated within the curriculum

Language Arts

  • Be exposed to a wide variety of stories, plays, rhyming and word play
  • Begin to explore common story elements
  • Begin to retell stories while learning about sequence, communicating ideas and purposes of communication (converse with others, share information, enjoyment)
  • Begin to learn about letters and basic sentence structure naturally through discovery activities


  • Learn about sequence, patterns and shapes
  • Begin to learn about numbers, size, distance and amounts
  • Learn about spatial concepts through play activities ( in front of, behind, etc.)
  • Learn about basic mathematical concepts naturally through discovery activities


  • Physical Science (physical properties and characteristics of objects/elements, cause-effect relationships)
  • Life Science (Properties and characteristics of living things; basic needs of living things; living things grow in predictable patterns)
  • Earth Systems Science (The properties and characteristics of Earth’s materials affect our use of those materials; some events in the natural world have patterns)
  • Magnetism
  • Earth/Nature (4 season color-garden, animals, bugs, trees, flowers and other growing things)
  • Water (water displacement, bubbles, water absorption, etc.)
  • Sound
  • Air
  • Microscopic wonders
  • Changing States of Matter
  • Motion
  • Technology
  • Senses
  • Weather & Seasons
  • Our Bodies