Ballet Academy

Students have many options to learn ballet skills at their own pace. There are several levels of individual ballet classes available to choose from. After students master a basic level of ballet, they may audition for acceptance into the Ballet Academy, which requires a commitment to two weekly classes in ballet technique. A rubric of skills must be mastered before students are ready to move on to the next leveled class. Dance form is emphasized in these classes and is designed to build strong ballet skills, including going on pointe on an individual basis at the discretion of the instructor.

Placement Audition

Senior Performance Company Auditions: TBA for 2018 at the Arts Hub facility in Lafayette.  
Junior and Intermediate Performance Company Auditions: TBA for 2018
Placement auditions for other classes: TBA for 2018 . 

Please wear form-fitting attire including leotard, tights/leggings, hair tied back, ballet shoes and bring a water bottle. Students will be informed via email regarding class placement.

Placement Auditions are required for:
Performance Companies
Ballet Academy V