Studio Classes

It can be difficult to find beginning classes for slightly older students at other dance studios. The Arts Hub offers beginning class levels for all ages. Some of these classes tend to be smaller because of our commitment to offering multiple levels, preventing the need to group older beginner students with classes of much younger students. This approach targets what is best for students, rather than convenience for the studio.

The HUB offers many dance forms; Modern, lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater Dance and Classical Ballet. Students receive solid instruction in a fun, safe class. Students can take just one, or multiple classes at a time, based on what feels right to them, not because they feel pressured to take classes based on what is best for the studio.

Other Art HUB options are available for students who want to develop their dance technique at a faster rate in specific dance forms; Ballet School, Tap, Modern & Lyrical.