Exhibitions – HUB Gallery

The HUB Gallery is an 60 foot long hall located in the Arts Hub facility. We will be establishing an annual schedule of gallery showings to include professional shows with partner galleries, themed shows paired with other events in the facility, and shows curated by others.

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Currently on view in the HUB Gallery

Past Exhibits

Scramble Campbell

Opening: July 28th 6-9PM

In his work, Scramble Campbell becomes part of the music and focuses that experience into a live painting explosion of paint and canvas. “What I’m trying to do with these particular paintings is evoke the motion of what that music feels like to you. And that’s what these paintings will show. A lot of emotion with these different acts. I’ll have B.B. King inside there. I’ll have Buddy Guy. I’ll have Simon and Garfunkel to Pete Seeger will all be in this exhibit,” said Campbell.

Thank you to our exhibition sponsors: The Boulder County Arts Alliance, the Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission and the Lafayette Public Arts Committee

Centaurus High School IB Art Show

Featured works by Centaurus High School Student Artists on display at The Arts Hub. The culminating exhibition for the school’s International Baccalaureate students. Free and open to the public. March 22-April 26.


A Lack Of

George Perez
March 10-April 28, 2017
A Lack Of explores and examines an early commodity of photography that takes place within the abstract of an infinite cycle of exchange. George P. Perez presents his entire collection of collected photographs ranging from the 1930’s to circa 1970’s from various locations in the States, and foreign countries like Turkey. A Lack Of presents a personal venture of filling a void, to create a mold of stimulating memories and experiences embedded in a displacement of photographs.

This exhibit is part of Month of Photography Denver: www.mopdenver.com 



March 10-May 15
Denver’s Black Cube Nomadic Contemporary Art Museum presents: ROAM. Detroit-based Artist, Jon Geiger presents his roving neon, animated, tumbleweed sculpture.


Thank you to our exhibition sponsors: The Boulder County Arts Alliance, the Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission and the Lafayette Public Arts Committee

Afghanistan: Through the Lens
Andrew Reagan

January 10 – February 24

A selection of photographs from Reagan’s 10-month tour as a military photographer during Operation Enduring Freedom.


Wohlman: Warhol Uncanned 
November 7 – January 3

warhol_lindseywohlmanThis exhibition features Lindsey Wohlman’s complete 32 soup series titled “Warhol Naked & Unlabeled”, an exploration of Warhol’s iconic work through the lens of someone living in the time of GMOs and food deserts. Wohlman recently received national attention when seven of these images were selected to replace seven Warhol originals, stolen from the walls of the Springfield Art Museum in Springfield Missouri.


Nik Krou: Monuments

November 7 – December 30
monuments-resizedThis work uses museum language to create a dialogue on what we see as marvelous or important artifacts in the natural world and within museum spaces. Krou’s work often straddles the line between naturally produced and fabricated (or curated) spaces. Often it is examining the natural, or nature, and exploring the taxonomy that we have applied.




September 30 – October 28

 crossing bordersThis juried group exhibition explores the immigration experience from a variety of viewpoints and art mediums. Each piece tells a unique story about the artist’s experience of immigrating to a new country, the immigration story of the artist’s family, and/or a discussion of contemporary issues related to immigration.



Lafayette Lantern Walk 2017

Paula Slick is a fine artist and director of the Lafayette Lantern Walk, Colorado’s first art-centered lantern walk. Paula recently learned from a master of lantern making how to make these large, lit willow and paper forms and will now be teaching Coloradans for the first time how to make them. The next Lantern Walk (Fall 2017, the procession is now biennial) will be filled with hundreds of these glowing, beautiful pieces, made by the public.


August 28 – September 23, 2016

grant-artWe were honored to have Anthony Grant’s fine art paintings as our first HUB Gallery Exhibition. Anthony served as curator at the ArtUnderground in Louisville.